Section I: Introduction
Chapter 1 - What is Knoppix?
Knoppix is a Live-CD Linux distribution with its roots in many Open Source and Free Software projects. This chapter details where Knoppix comes from and what prerequisite knowledge is needed in order to get the most from this book.

Chapter 2 - First Time Knoppix Usage
In this chapter we dive right in by firing up Knoppix and using it. We learn how to navigate the existing Knoppix filesystem, about KDE (the K Desktop Environment), and the Knoppix menus. We round out the chapter learning how to mount existing and external filesystems.

Chapter 3 - Knoppix Configuration
Since Knoppix can boot on most hardware, comes complete with many programs, and can navigate existing filesystems- what comes next? Well, did you know that Knoppix can also be set up for various networks, interact with printers and other servers, and that you can even keep persistent Knoppix data on media like hard disks or USB drives between reboots? In this chapter we explore all of the various configuration options for making Knoppix fit more snugly in an existing environment.

Chapter 4 - Advanced Knoppix Usage
Knoppix comes with a very full library of applications and utilities. Everything from editors to office suites, from integrated development environments to compilers, from multimedia players to DVD creation tools can be found somewhere in Knoppix's compressed filesystem. In this chapter we cover all the important, and some not so important, programs Knoppix provides.

Section II: Knoppix for System Administration
Chapter 5 - Overview of Knoppix uses for System Administration
Why does a System Administrator or Network Manager need a Knoppix disc? Knoppix has many tools perfect for any administration task. In this chapter we present an overview of those tools and lay down the groundwork as to why we need them.

Chapter 6 - Hardware Troubleshooting
Knoppix is a very powerful tool for troubleshooting and testing hardware, as long as you know how to use it. Whether you carry a Knoppix CD around with you to determine Linux compatibility or need a low-level hard disk checker or reformatter, in this chapter we run you through everything you need to know for working with hardware.

Chapter 7 - Working with Storage Media
With Knoppix you can partition hard disks, create CD-ROMs, interact with USB and ZIP drives, and access everything in between. Additionally you can repartition and resize existing systems all without having to purchase expensive and restrictive tools.

Chapter 8 - Working with other Operating Systems
Knoppix can be used to repair, augment and secure existing Operating System installs. Whether you've forgotten your administrative password in Linux and must reset it, have a corrupted Windows XP partition, or are trying to rescue mail spools from a damaged FreeBSD server, Knoppix provides excellent interoperability.

Chapter 9 - Introduction to Debian
At its core, Knoppix is based upon the Debian GNU/Linux Operating System. If we really want to enhance our Knoppix experience and expand what we can do with it, we must learn a bit about what powers it.

Chapter 10 - Installing Debian using Knoppix
Debian is very robust and easy to maintain Linux distribution, it is the favorite among hardcore and expert Linux users and administrators. However, it can be one of the most difficult distributions to install. With Knoppix, you can install Debian in as little as 20 minutes.

Section III: Advanced Knoppix
Chapter 11- Behind the Scenes
By now we know how to use Knoppix, however what makes Knoppix tick? How can you squeeze 2 gigabytes worth of applications and information into a 700 megabyte CD-ROM? How does Knoppix successfully detect and configure so many different devices?

Chapter 12 - Concepts of Remastering Knoppix
One of the biggest strengths of Knoppix being based upon Debian is the fact that this makes creating your own customized Knoppix CD very simple. In this chapter we discuss in a very general language how you can remaster Knoppix.

Chapter 13 - Remastering Knoppix : A CD-ROM based Web Server
We now remaster Knoppix into a CD-ROM based web server as a concrete example. This web server will run from a secure read-only CD and can be extended in numerous ways.

Chapter 14 - Remastering Knoppix : A CD-ROM based Kiosk
Building upon our previous example, we remaster Knoppix into a general purpose image which could be used to power an informational or business kiosk, or even used in an embedded device.

Chapter 15 - Knoppix Forks
Due to the ease at which Knoppix can be modified, there are many forks of Knoppix intended to provide a variety of functionalities. Whether you need a security hardened network diagnostic tool or an easy way to transform a set of PCs into a super-computing cluster, there is likely a Knoppix fork which can fill your need.