1 About Development
Chapter 1: Types of Developers New
Chapter 2: Types of Gigs New
Chapter 3: Types of Processes New
Chapter 4: Choosing a Process New
Chapter 5: Expectations Updated

2 Starting Out
Chapter 6: Are You Ready? New
Chapter 7: What You'll Need New
Chapter 8: Positioning
Chapter 9: Marketing

3 First Contact
Chapter 10: The Initial Contact Updated
Chapter 11: The Sales Call Updated
Chapter 12: War Stories

4 Structured Development Specs
Chapter 13: The Premise Behind Fixed Price Work Updated
Chapter 14: An agreement to do work
Chapter 15: The Waterfall Process of Developing Specs Updated
Chapter 16: The Specification
Chapter 17: How Long? How Much? Calculating Price
Chapter 18: The Cover Letter
Chapter 19: War Stories Updated

5 Structured Development Process
Chapter 20: The Waterfall Development Environment
Chapter 21: Tracking Time
Chapter 22: Manufacturing Instructions
Chapter 23: Code Reviews
Chapter 24: Bug Reporting (AFIs)
Chapter 25: Testing - who
Chapter 26: Testing - how
Chapter 27: Change Orders
Chapter 28: Delivery
Chapter 29: Making Money with Structured Development New
Chapter 30: War Stories

6 Rapid Application Development
Chapter 31: The premise behind RAD New
Chapter 32: An agreement to do work New
Chapter 33: Developing specs in a RAD/JAD environment New
Chapter 34: RAD specifications and prototypes New
Chapter 35: Calling iteration quits New
Chapter 36: The "D" in RAD New
Chapter 37: Making money at RAD/JAD New
Chapter 38: War Stories New

7 Extreme Programming
Chapter 39: Premise behind XP New
Chapter 40: An agreement to do work New
Chapter 41: XP Development New
Chapter 42: Making Money with XP New
Chapter 43: War Stories New

8 People
Chapter 44: An administrative assistant
Chapter 45: Finding: Options for the recruiting process
Chapter 46: Hiring: The interview process
Chapter 47: Keeping: Day-to-day operations
Chapter 48: Organizational and Individual Certification New
Chapter 49: Contractors and Part-Timers New
Chapter 50: Not Keeping: Firing employees

9 Customer Relations
Chapter 51: Tough Situations New
Chapter 52: Delighting the Client New

Appendix A: Auditing an existing application