Effective Application Development with Visual FoxPro

Jim Booth

Visual FoxPro® has more different ways of doing things than any five development products
put together. Which features and techniques are appropriate for a particular situation?
The answer isn't always obvious. In Effective Techniques for Application Development
with Visual FoxPro the veteran Jim Booth shows you how!
When I was contacted and asked to update this book for the latest version of Visual FoxPro I
thought about a number of new possibilities that could be included in the revision. Originally we
wanted this book to be m ore than simply a programmer’s guide to Visual FoxPro. We wanted it
to contain the types of information that one only gets through experience, through actually using
Visual FoxPro to build applications. We also wanted the lessons in this book to be applicable to
other development languages besides Visual FoxPro.
In planning and writing the revision I have tried very hard to keep with that original plan.
Although there is a lot of Visual FoxPro specific information in the book, there are also discussions
that transcend any particular development tool or language. Interestingly much of the original
content of the book remains here